Festival ticketing with WordPress

WordPress is pretty awesome. You can build things quickly (and cost-effectively). There are other site builders out there that reduce website build time to weeks rather than months, but I find that WordPress is pretty tried and tested. There is an abundance of plugins and widgets to cover pretty much all bases and many are […]

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People, planet, progress.

There are many cuts of the three Ps within business. Many focusing on product and profit. I believe, in the current world we live in, there is an opportunity for change where businesses, public sector and charity organisations could share the same type of goals. It’s time that society moves to become more conscious of

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UI for AI

In my career the most challenging UX project I undertook was for The Data City. It was the first time I’d really had the opportunity to design an application that interfaced with A.I. The platform was invented to give users the ability to create training sets for machine learning and provided filtering and re-training to

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Design for social

Some are static, some animated or video based – one thing social ads have in common is that they all have great reach and impact. As a designer it’s my job to captivate audiences and draw them into the rest of the social post through the visual tile. It can be a challenge due to

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A whisky adventure

I love whisky, and I like the fact that every variety is different. Don’t get me wrong, I like it in moderation. Drink more than a few drams then I’m out for the count. Each has its own story and unique flavour, and that makes it special. I became involved with a Whisky business in

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Stand out

There is a trend to just go with the crowd. To replicate what has been done before because it was successful or proven to be better at some point in the past. This is fine for some things, like wheels on a bike or a burger menu on a website where anything else would cause

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Brand-led customer experience

I don’t often hear about the brand strategy when starting new digital projects, unless I bring it up. I consider it to be integral to nearly every new project and discussed every time. “By doing this are we supporting the brand mission?” and “Now it’s done, does align with our values and does help support

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